Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Crazy Week..

Hello My Sweet Coasters,

Wednesday has come and gone, almost done with the week. Well at least for the those of you that get Saturday and Sunday off. I will continue to work till Sunday and then have Monday off before I start my new work schedule. I will then officially be able to say that I  have normal working hours. Right now I work crazy hours. Since the Hospital is open 24hours, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. I guess that is why. =(  Like I mentioned a few more days of this craziness. Please wish me the best! I am  really praying that I can do my best at what they expect from me. 

On to other notes, I have posted a few pics of my crazy week. As you see below are pictures of my parents. I am SO, SO, SO proud of them. They have officially become U.S. Citizens. They have been here in this country for quite some time. As one says it's never too late!! I am very proud of them, they studied their butts off. Literally, I wish I had pics of my mom's study pattern. She would have signs all over the house with Questions and Answers. My dad decided that they would go to the local library and check out a copy of the audio U.S. Citizenship Questions and Answers. I am not sure but I will say that this is what they probably would listen to prior to going to bed. Got to love them!

3,950 people swore in this phase. In total it was about 9,000

My Lovely Parents!! Yup, they did it!!

My sister says my Mother and I look a like. What do you think??

Over the weekend since I was off, we decided to make it out to the shooting range. This is my son's 3rd time going. He is just like his father likes guns so what better way to teach him the basics and the safe proper handling of fire arms but to take him and show him.

My hubby setting up the targets..

Making sure they are correctly placed..

Smile for the camera, he has his game face on.. =)

Fire!! Fire!! A fire seems to break out often on our side of the woods. This time it was a bit too close to home. Good thing it was just a brush fire and no homes or structures destroyed. Again these things can run like nobody's business though so as you can imagine all the fire departments on call..

Passing by work...

My sister and I ...

We had to stop and get some frozen yogurt on this cool day..

Last but not least FINALLY getting my rings resized... I am such a procrastinator... 

I hope you all have a great rest of the week... Ta-Ta for now!!

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