Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Take a Ride with Me.

I know, I know, I look really f *dorky with a helmet. But Hey Safety First!!! I have just started riding. It had been years since I got on an actual moving bike. Stationary ones I have but moving ones is a different story. If you recall from my last post I mentioned my hubby bought me a bike with no plan intended.. LOL! Well, he also got me all geared up too as you see below I am wearing my helmet. As I keep seeing progress in my weight loss I keep getting motivated to keep going riding,eating healthy and eventually running. One step at a time though.

This video clip was take after the fact.

Wearing my GIRO helmet 35.99 at Dicks Sporting Good

Dakine water pack can carry up to 72oz. of fluid from

So we know the reflectors work on my bike.. lol!

Better view this is my Schwinn Cascade Mountain bike 26"


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