Thursday, January 5, 2012

My New Room and Color

I have a new look, new color for my room. (sewing, craft room or office space). I moved locations within my own house. Funny but true. I was in the room next door. If you look at the picture below you will see that the door that is shown is a walk-in closet which my hubby turned that into a small hubby room. lol! not sure what he will put there but as long as he is ok with the set up I am A-OKAY with it. Like I mentioned before I was originally in the room next door with purple walls, I wasn't quite the happy camper because after we had painted the room it was dark and gloomy. So I decided that I would change rooms to the one that has two windows and more lighting and with this said I would be able to start fresh with a new color. Here it goes this is the new color, somewhat of a layout. Now I have to fill the walls with Decor and with some of my handmade crafts. If you have any suggestions please share. I am open to all ideas.
Fairy Tale Pink By Behr
Quick Arrangement: I just wanted to get stuff moved in.
Initials Stand For:
Hand Made By Isela


Adriana said...

Super cute!

Adriana said...

Omg, check out this link! Great sewing room ideas Noel and I are finally starting his office tomorrow too, no pink for him, LOL!

Isela said...

Thanks Adri, I checked out the link. I really need an island table too. Sometimes it makes it easier when you are standing and working on some projects. I like the ideas that they show. Thanks again chica!


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