Sunday, May 1, 2011

Charro In Pajamas

Here is my Charro, in!! I really don't know what he was doing all I know is that he saw me with a camera and there he was. Posing different hats. You name it. So I figured I would share this silly guy with you.

Charro:: is a term referring to a traditional horseman from Mexico, originating in the central-western regions primarily in the state of Jalisco including: Zacatecas, Durango, Guanajuato, Morelos, Puebla. The terms Vaquero and Ranchero (Cowboy and Rancher) are similar to the Charro but different in culture, etiquette, mannerism, clothing, tradition and social status.

Canelo My son's horse

Even he was in on it..

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Veronica said...

Luciano makes a handsome Charro!! Love it!

Isela said...

Thank you Veronica!! THis little guy i something else!! lol!!

Bonnie @ This Young Mama said...

He's adorable! the hat really suites him. He's lucky you're not like me, I would have him doing mini photo shoots by now haha, Lex is getting tired of it fast! I've been searching for a small cowboy hat for Lex but no luck, where did you find his white one?

Isela said...

Thanks Bonnie, I have tried to do the photo shoot thing with my Luciano but he just won't budge with me.. LOL!! I actually got his white hat from Mexico. My dad brought it for him. Well you know my dad is in Mexico now. What size is your little guys head? I can see if he is able to find him one. before he gets back..


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