Thursday, April 21, 2011

Adele - Rolling In The Deep

Hello my Sweets!! Yes, for those of you who watch American Idol, I am sure you heard this song yesterday. Haley interpreted this song. So yep!! I had to look it up. I really dig the beat to this song. I prefer to listen to this song by! My hubby even liked it too surprising!!!
After watching this video I also wanted to start throwing dishes at the wall. Well I feel that way sometimes only.. =)


Yuri said...

I like Adele!!! What I like about her is that she sings with alot soul! She just sounds sooo good!!!

Isela said...

Yuri, yes you are right! She sings with a lot of soul. I listened to a few of her other songs and lied them alot. I'm her new fan.., :)


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