Saturday, February 26, 2011

In Need of A Tripod... HELP!.

Good morning all.. Hope you are having a great weekend. If you live in southern California it's raining today It's a good day to have a movie marathon and some comfort food..  =)
This morning I was looking through all of my pictures that I have taken. I noticed something ..... What is it??? I am rarely in any of all of my millions and millions of pictures... ( Okay not millions but  thousands.) I am nowhere to be found.

I am going to make it a point to get my self a tripod ... But somewhat in lost just because there are so many some are majorly expensive and some are just plain cheap ... I had purchased one at my local Target store when I had first purchased my camera took it out the box, set it up but no way was I trusting my camera on that thing.. The tripod was so flimsy I was scared it would just tip over and break my camera. So I returned it. I haven't purchased another.. Hoping you can give me tips on where or what kind I should buy.. I would greatly appreciate the help...   =)

XOXO, Isela


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

girl, I have the same problem since my husband is not a camera person, the pictures I'm actually in are very few. I bought my tripod here: and I LOVE it. It is very portable the legs slide in to make it very compact. One thing I do have to be very careful is when I mount the camera on top to make sure the screw is on tightly so it won't fall off. Good luck finding something.

BTW, I'm having a giveaway, come by when you can to enter.

Care said...

I have this one:

and this ballhead:

Not the fanciest one around, but super sturdy and works for everything I need.

It is sad when I realize I'm never in any photos! Have fun shopping :)

Isela said...

@Maria, Well about my hubby being the camera kind of guy he is.. It's just every good shot I see it always has to do with him and my son in it.. lol!! but sometimes I do say to myself wish I was in that pic too. Thanks a lot for the suggestions and tips..

@Care, thank you soo much for the tips and links... I will be checking them out soon.. I just also want to tell you.. You have the best pics ever... I admire your work.. Hoping someday .. I can be that good... I LOVE the Before and After pics of mommy and then mommy and baby... Beautiful!!


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