Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Friendship Card..

I so want to get the "Hello Kitty Greetings Cartridge"
I love it!!!

Hello my friends! Happy New Year to all!! Hope you had a great start to the new year.. I know many of us have started a list of stuff we are looking to accomplish in the new year so let's just all get in gear .. :) with that said I want to invite you all to my creative blogspot at www.handmadebyisela.blogspot.com I want to share some of my creative moments with you.. Hope you enjoy..

> A friend is someone you can count on during good or bad times.. I am lucky to have a few of good friends in my life.. Everyday I thank God for putting them on my path.. A friend will lend a hand when you need it. Will also offer a shoulder to lean on. Will cry with you , will make you laugh or even so be the one person that's honest when you are just not looking your best and tells you so because they care.. :) Today's card is about friendship.. My son and I created this beautiful Hello Kitty card using the "Hello Kitty Greetings Cartridge"... We had a blast and this is what we created here at Handmade by Isela.. Hope you enjoy the pics.. Stay tuned for more.. Xoxo~

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