Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What's on your Christmas wish list?

3 more days till Christmas, are you done with your Christmas shopping? I hope so... : ) I am not going to lie I am not.. Hee hee! What was on your Christmas wish list? Where you naughty or nice this year?? Well I know I was completely, extremely nice this year and I am hoping to get what I wish for.. Here are a few items on my list.

1. A Cricut Expression Die cut machine.
2. A tripod for my camera.
3. A singer sewing machine.
4. A Hello Kitty brand purse.
5. An Expedite bookshelf from ikea with storage bins.
6. A bottle of DKNY Apple Delicious perfume.
Okay everyone I think I put most of the stuff I was asking for. Hee hee in hopes my husband makes it by my page.. To check his list.. : ) Love ya! Isela

Monday, December 20, 2010

I tried to Edit my Blog

Today has been such a gloomy day with lots of rain. I am not complaining that we have rain. But 4 days in a row, come on we need a break. So in the mean while at home since I didn't get the chance to go and do a little more shopping before Christmas time I decided that I would spice up my blog. BIG mistake because I screwed it all up. I am bummed because I still need more practice with this whole changing of blog layouts. So here it is I had to use one of the default layouts. It's Okay I like pink and I think it's cute. =) Please give me some advise on how to make a simple transition. Love Ya!


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