Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is Your Pet-Peeve???

I usually don't like writing negative stuff, just because that's not who I am. Today I will have to make an exception for that.. LOL! Okay, who here uses the carpool lane?? Anyone?? I will have to say that I do, Monday through Friday twice a day on our way to work and back. Now on to my other question. What is considered the speed limit on the carpool lane?? I believe it's 65 mph... Okay yes, I said 65 mph Not 40 mph or 35 mph.... I think you kind of know where I am going with this right? Well this morning on our way to work traffic was flowing pretty good, which we made it a point to get on the road a few minutes earlier due to fact that every one is back to full schedule now that summer is over and traffic can get a little hectic. When all of a sudden we come to a halt on the freeway going westbound to work. My husband tells me he thinks there might be a traffic jam probably caused by an accident or lane closure. There where about four cars ahead of us and my husband asked me if I can see what is going on. He turns on the radio to 1070am and they aren't mentioning any closures of lanes or any kind of traffic jams on our way. When all of a sudden my husband notices as we are going up a hill that there was a car that was going about 35 mph on a busy day on the carpool lane and holding up traffic.. Come on!!! Please if you can't handle the carpool lane and it's speed don't get on it and hold up traffic behind you. Especially in the Fast-Trak Lane!

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